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May 2015

International Conference on Dupuytren Disease and Related Diseases in Groningen, the Netherlands conference website. This conference is organized by the International Dupuytren Society and is following the first International confernce in Miami 2010.

March 2014

The International Dupuytren Award 2014 is goes to to Clayton Peimer of the College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University, Marquette, USA. Details

March 2013

The International Dupuytren Award 2013 is awarded in two categories, Clinical Research and Basic Research. It was presented on 15 March 2013 at the Dupuytren's Summit in Vienna. The winners of the 2013 International Dupuytren award are for clinical research: Annet van Rijssen, PhD, of the University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands, and for basic research: Syed A Iqbal and Christopher Manning (together) of the Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom. Details

October 2012

The US based Dupuytren Foundation is offering two Research Grants. One grant will be awarded for basic science research and one grant for clinical research. Each grant is funded with 10,000 US$. Guidelines and application information are available at . Applications must be submitted via email prior to 12/12/2012 for consideration. Recipient organizations may be outside the United States, but must be able to receive funds through an entity having a current USA tax ID number.

March 2012

The International Dupuytren Award 2012 was presented at the Symposium "New Frontiers in Dupuytren Disease" (Leuven University, Belgium, 31 March 2012). The winner is Dr. Guido Dolmans of the University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands Award_2012.

January 2012

The new book by Charles Eaton et al. (Eds.) "Dupuytren's Disease and Related Hyperproliferated Disorders" (Springer, Heidelberg and New York, 2012) summarizes the current state of knowledge about Dupuytren's Disease, from anatomy, cell research, genetics, surgical strategies, new treatment options, physiotherapy, and treatment of related diseases like Ledderhose and IPP. ISBN 978-3-642-22696-0, read_online.

December 2011

In Germany a trial is started exploring treatment of Dupuytren's disease with focussed shockwaves. - Added link to Russian forum to this web site.

August 2011

The British Dupuytren's Society, a charity and patients' organisation, is founded

June 2011

The International Dupuytren Society becomes even more inernational by adding to its web site a French forum and a Spanish forum and a link to a Flemish forum.

May 2011

The European Union approves collagenase injection for treating Dupuytren's contracture (European product name: Xiapex) Press_release_Pfizer. The next step are national releases. The timing will vary by country and might take from a couple of months to a year. We will report progress on our web site.

January 2011

New layout for our web site. Hope you like it and it facilitates finding information!

November 2010

The British National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) approves radiotherapy for treatment of early Dupuytren's disease guidance_details . See also article in the Daily Mail online.

October 2010

The International Dupuytren Award was presented to Prof. Ilse Degreef at the 2010 annual meeting of the German hand surgeons.

English surgeons swim the Channel to collect money for Dupuytren's research! See our research page and Oxford_mail

May 2010

The Dupuytren Society in cooperation with the US based Dupuytren Foundation hosted in Miami, Florida, on 22/23 May 2010 an International Symposium on Dupuytren's Disease. Participants from 17 countries presented latest results in research and clinic work. The results will be published as book in 2011.

February 2010

The FDA approves collagenase injection as treatment for Dupuytren's disease. Now we have a new option! This is reflected in our web site menu where collagenase injection is now listed as seperate treatment.

April 2009

Dupuytren Society and Dupuytren Foundation join forces to fight Dupuytren's disease. - Presentation of Dr. Keith Denkler at 2009 annual meeting of AAPS on treating stage IV patients with needle fasciotomy (full text). - A variety of updates in course of February - March 2009, mostly in the literature sections.

January 2009

Dupuytren Foundation established in the U.S.A. -- Since March 2008 many of our web pages habe been updated, too many to be listed here. Also our forum is now better integrated into our web site, providing the web site's menu also to forum users. The most recent updates: Added Dr. Marco Rizzo of Mayo clinic, MN, to our list of needle faciotomy and Dr. Charles De Groot, Waikato Hospital, New Zealand, to our radiotherapy_list . Presentation of Dr. Pess on NA at ASSH Meeting 2008 NA_Literature.

March 2008

Added Dr. Peter Barre (Ohio) and Dr. Christian Bean (Vermont) to our list of needle fasciotomy clinics in the USA. extended our list of Dupuytren literature, added information an male/female relation, and added literature on collagenase (with permission by Elsevier). Forum software updated.

February 2008

Our web site is now certified by HonCode. Added Dr. Atik to our NA list in the US (Eatontown, together with Dr. Pess).

January 2008

Added Dr. Green, Australia, and Dr. Johnson, USA, to our list of needle fasciotomy clinics.

Nigel tells his experience with radiotherapy in Essen, Germany, at Dupuytren's disease experiences.

Dupuytren web site news in December 2007

Added Dr. Fleiss, NYC, U.S.A., Dr. Cluett, North Adams, U.S.A., and Dr. Gropper, Vancouver, Canada, to our list of needle fasciotomy clinics in the US and Canada.

Dupuytren web site news in November 2007

Article in Idaho Statesman describing NA also refers to Dupuytren Society IdahoStatesmanarticle.

Dupuytren web site news in October 2007

We completed our collection of data from patients taking NAC and published the results on NAC_results_Dupuytrens. Added Dr. Belcher, East Grinstead, to our list for needle fasciotomy in the United Kingdom. Added a new page on "Dupuytren's contracture and trauma", also addressing whether Dupuytren's contracture can be work related.

Dupuytren web site news in September 2007

Added to the web site menu a page about "Personal experiences" with Dupuytren's contracture and Ledderhose disease. Added to the collagenase page a list of clinics that participate in the re-started phase 3 trial. Updated contact data for Dr. Flemming, practising NA (PNF) in the UK at Chelmsford and Colchester, see needle fasciotomy in the UK.

Dupuytren web site news in August 2007

Two additional NA clinics in the US (A. Froimson, Ohio, and J. Mahoney, Peoria, Illinois), see NA_list_US. First NA clinic in Australia (Dr. David Hunter-Smith, Victoria), see Needle fasciotomy in Australia. First UK clinic for radiotherapy of Dupuytren (Dr. Goode, Dorset Cancer Centre). see radiotherapy of Dupuytren in the UK.

Dupuytren web site news in July 2007

Added another NA clinic in the UK and the first one in Italy. Added Dr. Rescigno, NYC, for radiotherapy. Redesign of web site. Article in NY Times on NA (see forum).

Dupuytren web site news in June 2007

Added first US clinic for radiotherapy (at VCU Oncology Dept.). Activate links for NA in the UK. Update contact data for radiotherapy in Erlangen, Germany.


March 2007
Started data collection on NAC and its effect on Dupuytren and Ledderhose. Link.
March 2007
Some high dose antioxidant vitamins might increase mortality. Link.
February 2007
Added overview on surgical techniques, including dermofasciectomy.
February 2007
Anticonvulsant medication, like phenobarbital, might trigger Dupuytren's contracture or Ledderhose. Link.
January 2007
Archived posts from the spam-drowned BioS forum in our forum.
December 2006
Comment on transdermal Verapamil on the "Other therapies" page.
December 2006
Added links to Walt Stagner's web site, to the website of the Peyronie's Disease Society (, and its forum.
November 2006
Added overview (poster from ASTRO 2006) on radiation therapy of Ledderhose. See literature section of our Ledderhose page. Link. - Also added for Ledderhose injections and NAC as potential therapies.
November 2006
Added several addresses of clinics that offer NA (percutanous needle fasciotomy = PNF) in the UK. Link.
November 2006
Moved forum onto new server. As before our forum can be accessed via this site. The direct path changed to The forum now also offers RSS feeds of the most recent posts.
November 2006
Added comment on therapy of Frozen Shoulder. Link.
October 2006
Split "Other therapies" into three categories and added section on using N-acetylcysteine (NAC) for treating Dupuytren. Link.


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