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"Dupuytren's of the palm" ?
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11/18/11 16:51
Re: "Dupuytren's of the palm" ?

You know, that is the crazy thing about this disease (Dupuytren's). I had the same action in my "other" hand over 11 years ago. I had surgery on the one hand 10 years ago and was expecting to need surgery on both hands. The hand that was operated on went from nodules to puckering to contraction to 90 degrees in about a year. The "non-operated hand/finger" all of the sudden stopped progressing and hasn't changed in the last 11 years. I never had any procedure on the "non-operated" hand. The nodules are not active and the puckering has not changed. No cord has developed. I pay close attention to the hand just because I am so aware of the disease now.

11/19/11 01:35
Re: "Dupuytren's of the palm" ?

My Duputren's has been primarily palmar. I had radiation in July 2009. Pickering is in that palm. Cords have tightened some and I had NA once before RT and once (in July 2011) since RT. RT was done on my whole palm including CMC joints of all digits but just barely the joints, not up into the fingers. No new nodules have come in that palm, but some did pop up outside the RT area.

I agree, it does sound like active Dupuytren's I had only 20G total RT and conceivably am a candidate for RT on the same area, I'm fairly sure I would not do it. I'll me never say never.

My other hand, the left, has nodules just above and below the CMC joint od my index finger. I'm watching it closely. The nodules have gotten harder and a cord goes from my index finger down and follows the lifeline to the wrist side of my palm. Another cord goes from the CMC joint of my thumb and curves towards my index finger and into the other cord. There is some tightening that I would call beginning contracture. It is slow progression at this point.

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