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Dupuytrens Surgery
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01/05/10 18:18


Re: Dupuytrens Surgery


Dups is often triggered by trauma. What could be more traumatic than surgery? While surgeons strongly deny it, it is common to have additional Dups tissue form right after surgery. It may or may not develop into a problem.

Surgery should be your *last* resort, not your first! Take a look at NA. I've had both, and form me it is night and day. My surgical hand is just about shot, whereas the NA hand is as good as new. Do yourself a favor and check into NA.

(I've written the above *so* many times over the last 8 years that I should just have it ready to cut and paste it whenever needed :-)

01/19/10 20:17

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Re: Dupuytrens Surgery


I had a lump removed from my little finger on my L hand last year. By the PIP joint. I was told it was a Giant Cell Tumour. ie benign.

Minimal physio.

Now I have two lumps at the base of the finger which are constricting the blood supply, painful to straighten the finger and locally tender.

I was told, at a follow up appointment, last year, that it is DP and to 'see how it goes'.

As I have Reynaulds Syndrome {poor circulation}, I am more worried about the extended periods where my finger remains blue/purple long after the others have returned to normal colour.

I see my GP tomorrow to ask for a referral and understand I can choose which UK hospital to go to but the bumf on the internet seems baffling.

Can anyone recommend a hospital and / or consultant.

Many thanks


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