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How do you pronounce "Dupuytren"
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02/06/07 18:46
How do you pronounce "Dupuytren"

Silly question, eh?

My doctor pronounces it different than the phonetic pronunciation I read online, and I'm never confident that I'm saying the name correctly.

02/06/07 21:00


Re: How do you pronounce "Dupuytren"


No, it's not a silly question other than the fact that all I can tell you is that the correct pronunciation is......


Which just means that the net has it's limitations. But you are not limited as to the information you can now find on your disease, however it's pronounced :-)

02/07/07 02:15
Re: How do you pronounce "Dupuytren"

I agree. My doc pronounces it so I can not understand him. Perhaps a french speaker would help us.

02/07/07 05:01
Re: How do you pronounce "Dupuytren"

The spelling itself is a little crazy for the French language. It is actually pronounced in French as though it was spellt Dupuitrin.
In terms of the rythm, there are 3 syllables: Du Pui Trin
The "u" and the "in" are sounds that do not exist in English, so most English-speaking people will use an anglicized version of those two sounds (like in Lou for "u" and Bin for "in")
Hope that helps.

02/07/07 10:04

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Re: How do you pronounce "Dupuytren"

Just to add to the confusion here is a comment from Charles Eaton's handcenter site:

'How do you pronounce the name "Dupuytrens"? Dupuytren is a French surname, and the closest approximation for the American English pronunciation is doo-pa-trens, with the accent or emphasis on the first syllable "doo". Although some pronounce the name Dupuy as doo-poo-wee, this does not apply to the name Dupuytren.'

But I think Donald is also fairly close, as close as you can be using an inadequate language to describe pronounciation. But this problem is not new: if you use the search facility of this forum you find (in our archive) e.g. 2 posts from Andrew:

on 05/04/05 02:17
'According to Warnant's 'Dictionnaire de la prononciation francaise', Dupuytren in France is pronounced something like 'du-pwee-trann' or 'du-pwee-trenn'. The last syllable rhymes with French words like 'vin' or 'pain' (i.e. NOT like the last syllable of 'restaurant' or 'Rouen'). How it's pronounced in America is another matter!'

--- quite true!

and on 05/07/05 02:22:
'The correct pronunciation of "Dupuytren's" is a perennial problem. I am not a native speaker of French, but I have been learning the language for 42 years, have visited France several times, and lived and worked there for 6 months, so I have a fair idea of how it should sound. More than that, I have before me an excellent dictionary of French pronunciation written by a Frenchman! So, for those who are interested, here is the full definitive description of how to say it:

Both "u"s in "Dupuytren" are sounded. It is the thin sort of "u", where your tongue says "ee" but your lips say "oo". The second "u" is rapidly pronounced, so that the syllable sounds like "pwee". The three syllables "Du-puy-tren" have equal weight and length. Despite the view expressed by one of the earlier posters, there is no accent on the second syllable; if there is an accent anywhere it is on "tren". If you know how to pronounce the French words "vin blanc" (white wine), which sounds a bit like "vang blong", Dupuytren rhymes with "vin" rather than with "blanc".'

Here you go!


04/29/07 13:42
Re: How do you pronounce "Dupuytren"

In the southern part of the US, I say "I've got Doops, y'all" My doc understands.

05/02/07 20:33
Re: How do you pronounce "Dupuytren"

You never say Dupuytren, it always has an s on the end. My French doc says Deeu-pweh-trauns with the accent on the first syllable.

05/06/07 12:45


Re: How do you pronounce "Dupuytren"

Hi Marjorie, good to see you here!



You never say Dupuytren, it always has an s on the end. My French doc says Deeu-pweh-trauns with the accent on the first syllable.

05/19/07 06:47
Re: How do you pronounce "Dupuytren"

I am French folks and the correct way is

DU PWEE TREN and the last TRENS rhymes with VIN (blanc) or white wine, as was suggested in an above post. The N is silent in VIN and also for TREN.

DUPUIS is a very common last name in Quebec. It is pronounced DU PWEE.

Also, there are no accents on syllables in French. All syllables have equal emphasis on each, unlike the English language.
So DU PWEE TRENS would sound like you were saying BANG BANG BANG, all evenly. Got it? lol

12/21/10 01:07
Re: How do you pronounce "Dupuytren"

In French, EN is normally pronounced like AHNG, but you don't pronounce the G. The French word MOMENT is pronounced MO-MAHNG, again with a silent G. The verb PRENDRE is pronounced PRAHNG-DRUH. (The NG is my attempt to write down a nasal sound.)

They rhyme with the English word WRONG, with a silent G.

So the French syllable TREN should be pronounced like TRAHNG, with a silent G. Since Dupuytren is someone's name, maybe it's different, but I wouldn't expect it.

On the other hand, the French word VIN rhymes with the English word VAN, as in Chevy van. VIN also ends with a nasal sound, and the N isn't really pronounced.

I don't see why TREN should rhyme with the French word VIN.

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