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NAC and other supplements
05/13/08 08:46
NAC and other supplements


I have been looking at the archives, researching supplements. I just read about NAC and am thinking about giving it a try. Before reading about NAC, I read several posts about L-Carnitine and bought some, before continuing to read that it had not been found to be very effective. I also bought some Coenzyme Q-10 and some lipoic acid and began taking them about a week ago.

My question is: if I begin the NAC, should I stop taking the lipoic acid and the Coenzyme Q-10 (I've stopped taking the L-Carnitine)?

I'm not in general a person who takes vitamins or supplements and this stuff makes me a little nervous. However, I would like to give the NAC a try. The only other supplement I take is a Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc supplement that also has Vitamin D.

Any help with this is appreciated!


05/13/08 14:18
Re: NAC and other supplements

As a newbie I have also been trawling through the old forums and unearthed this thread about lecithin which really struck me:


Does anyone know what happened to John? He hasn't posted since 2004, and I'd like to know if the remarkable effects he noted have continued. I went out and bought lecithin granules as soon as I read his post and have been taking three tablespoons per day. I am also taking 1000 IUs of Vitamin E. I considered the alpha lipoic acid and Q10 but will hold off as I want to see what my current supplements are doing.

The other thing I found from my research was to stay away from Vitamin C.


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