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Natural treatments & advice in Canada
02/14/11 16:48
Natural treatments & advice in Canada

Natural treatments & advice in Canada
I live in British Columbia, Canada and have early stage Dupytrens Contracture in the pinky portion of my left palm. I am right handed and wonder if this is partially because I use that finger the least. I am seeking advice in Canada, best in Victoria or Vancouver BC but I also get to Montreal & Toronto.

02/24/11 00:11
Re: Natural treatments & advice in Canada

Two hospitals in the Quebec area have been providing XRT which is your best bet at the early stages at both slowing the progression and increasing the interval between any surgical procedures (NA, Xiaflex, etc.). In my own experience my inability to speak French made it impossible to get information and so I got my own XRT in Germany instead.

Usually Dupuytren's first becomes evident in the dominant hand of the person and most people have it show up first in their right hand and 85% of the population is right handed so the numbers are not surprising.

05/21/11 17:27
Re: Natural treatments & advice in Canada

Hello JCS,

I too live in British Columbia, Canada and I am looking for help for both my hands and my feet. I had surgery on my left hand which resulted in a few complications (CTS, CRPS and arthritis) and now I have another cord developing in the same hand. My left hand is also affected by it and i went to see Dr Gropper in Vancouver. He does NA treatment. He told me that he could treat one cord on my right hand that runs down my thumb but not the other cord that runs between my thumb and my index finger. I also have cords on my feet. I'm really having trouble finding help in Canada for my feet.

Did you ever find any help? If you had to travel did the government cover your travelling costs?

Thanks for your help.


05/21/11 22:02
Re: Natural treatments & advice in Canada


Dr. Denkler in Larkspur, CA near San Francisdo did NA on my thumb a little over 2 years ago. If you email him pictures of your hand, he can tell a lot about what will probably work for you. He'll email you back what he thinks. It looks like I'm going to need NA again and I have an appointment in late July to see him again.

Dr. Denkler is listed under the Treatment tab at the top of the page under Needle aponeurotomy (NA list USA/Canada. Or here is that info:

Dr. Keith Denkler (CHS)
275 Magnolia Avenue
Larkspur, CA (California) 94939
Phone: (415) 924-6010



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