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RT for Dupuytren's
08/29/13 00:34
RT for Dupuytren's

My Dupuytren's started 6 years ago, in my right hand, when I cut a tree down with a saw, which was very hard on my hand. Over a period of about 5 years a bump grew under my ring finger. I went to several doctors who told me it was a cyst that needed to be cut out. After searching the net to my horror I realized it was Dupuytren's (why didn't the doctors know?). Anyway, thanx to this website I found Dr. T at Scripps in La Jolla. I went through two rounds of RT E-beam treatments, all covered by Aetna. I found a primary care doctor that knew about Dupuytren's and he give me a referral to see Dr. T.

The success from the first round of RT E-beam treatments, 5 days, was marginal, so the doctor recommended a second 5 day treatment, which was completed about 2 months ago.

There were no side effects from the 1st treatment, but the second round left my hand feeling weak, and the skin very dry, and kinda tight. The doctor observed that the second round of treatment seems to have stopped the progression, and I agree, it does not feel itchy and tingly anymore, and the cord has stopped growing, I think...I hope!

I have a very small nodule growing in exactly the same spot on my left hand, and I have minor ledderhose on both feet and a slight bit of Peyronies. For Peyronies I have been takin vitamine E (400mg), PABA (2 grams), and Acytl L-Carnitine (2 grams), which appears to have stopped the progression.

I think it is still too early to tell if the RT treatment worked, I'll give an update every once in a while.

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