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Just finnished NA and E-Beam treatments in Germany
07/24/10 13:12
Just finnished NA and E-Beam treatments in Germany

I've had surgery three times for Dupuytrens over the last 8 years. Now my feet have gotten to the point that NY surgeons were afraid to do surgery. The big toe on my left foot had curled down to where is was difficult to walk properly causing problems in my knee. I found two Dr.s on this site that did Radiation and E-Bean thearapy. I slso contacted Mass. General Hospital which is listed here also. Mass. General wanted $41,000 to do the E-Beam on both feet. Dr. Herkstroter in Frankfurt wanted $1,400 for X-Ray treatments and Dr. Keoener in Berlin wanted $2,600 for E-Beam treatments. After researching both, I found that the E-Beam is a 7 visit treatment using more exact control on the radiation. The X-Ray treatments were a general exposure of the entire area lasting two 5 day treatments several weeks apart. Both Dr.s wanted me to have the toe straightened before the Radiation treatments and Dr. Koerner referred me to a Dr. Feldehoff in Berlin who performed the NA on both feet for $672 cash. Complete!
I have just returned from my second visit to Germany (I needed three weeks for the NA to heal before the E-Beam treatments) and I can't express my relief or gratitude to these two Dr.s. Unlike American Medical treatment, I was seen within 7 mins of appointment time. I was treated with respect and concern and every question was answered and explained until I understood and was comfortable. I met Dr. Felderhoff the day I arrived in Berlin (Wednesday) , had the procedure the next day with follow up appointments the following day as well as on Monday before I flew back to the States. I had to have two incissions due to the advanced state of the curling toe, so it took three weeks to heal before I flew back to see Dr. Kroener in Berlin. He met me the day I arrived, Monday. He did a CT of my feet and had the specialized E-Beam directing plates made all that day. I started treatments the next day at 8 am. I arrived at 7:50 am and was having treatments by 8:05. This went till Friday and started again on Monday for the complete 7 day treatment. Every day was scheduled in early morning so as to give me the rest of the day to explore Berlin. I never waited more the 7 minutes after the scheduled appointment time. The last appointment was scheduled for 8 am but when I arrived early and told them I was going from there to the airport to fly home, they took me immediatly.
The proffessionalism of the German Medical community, at least from what I saw of it, is far beyond anything here in America! Also I was lucky to have clients (I run a vacation charter yacht in the Virgin Islands www.yachtflame.com ) who let me fly for cheap on their buddy passes. The hotels were inexpensive, around $60 a night and we found restaurants every where that cost under $50 for two dinners including a bottle of wine. The entire experience cost my wife and I under $6,500. Admitedly we got reduced fares for the flights but I did see prices close to that if booked early enough.
My overall feeling is that NA followed by E-Beam is the way to go. The surgery on my hands now prevents the NA as there is too much scar tissue for the NA. I'm now looking into the collegenese injections for my fingers followed by E-Beam treatments to kill the reoccuring cells. If any one would like to contact me about any of this, email me at yachtflame@yahoo.com

Wayne Elsworth


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