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07/08/12 23:39

Hi as alot of you know i am mum to a daughter with a pf in her foot - would you believe it her feet have grown another 1/2 size in the last 3 months so i am going to have to invest in some more shoes for her when she goes back to school in September. She has been wearing fitflops which although i have no issues about buying her more of they are expensive & if she is going to grow through another size (we have grown 3.5 sizes in just over a year) it is getting very silly on the money front. We did have some orthotics made through the dr but they weren't supportive enough for her.

So - just a question regarding footwear what does everone find comfy? I know alot of people use crocs but i think the school will have a complete fit if i send her in to school in crocs.

Thanks in advance

Zoe x

07/09/12 17:43

Re: shoes......

Hello Zoe,
I already posted once that wearing shoes can be a challenge. I am now wearing Taos, Merrell, Nike flip-flops, Clarks without arch support. Anything without arch support. Barefoot most of the time. A friend of mine wears scetchers rocking shoes, they are also called tune-ups. His nodules is not in the middle of his arch, so it works for him. I also bought them and had to return them, my feet were on fire after just a little walk. Try Zappos, I read they are great in returning shoes. Have her try as many as possible and keep what's good for her and if crocs work for her, get a note from a doctor, the school will have to accept that.
Best of luck to Ellen.


07/09/12 20:10


Re: shoes......

I don't have LD but do have plantar fasciitis, or I did have as Fitflops fixed it for me. But only the indoor and outdoor sandals, not the shoes which were not the same at all. Just like Ellen I found the arch support to be just right. So this doesn't help you Ellensmum, but Scholl do gel arch supports of varying thickness which might be worth looking into and trying with 'flatter' shoes.

07/11/12 19:03

Re: shoes......

I would suggest Nike Free .They were recommened to me by Prof Seegenschmiedt after RT.. The base is segmented which allows the shoe to flex. I would also have a look at Birkenstock .I personally wear Rohde. (all leather )Both have good arch support. My grandaughter 4 yr old wears Birkenstock. Regard.

Edited 07/11/12 19:04

07/12/12 02:18
Re: shoes......

Hello! I am wearing Nike Air Zoom Equalon 2 with my orthotics for bilateral ledderhose. When I am in significant pain, I wear a lidocaine patch on the bottom of each foot which enables me to exercise walk while not feeling anything! I do not wear the patches for any more than 10 hours. Hope that helps! I also have bilateral dupuytren's but cannot wear lidocaine patches stuck all over my hands! Wish research monies were devoted to these conditions!


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