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Ledderhose Lessons Learnt (from Australia)
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07/31/15 22:26
07/31/15 22:26
Re: Ledderhose Lessons Learnt (from Australia)

Hello again,

Sorry I stopped following this forum since I posted my comments below.

Here's an update on my condition that will hopefully answer your questions:

After 2 rounds of RT, it looks like my Ledderhose and Dupuytruen has stagnated, not getting bigger and not getting smaller. It's hard to know whether this might have happened anyway, but I don't get pain in my feet in the morning anymore so in that way the RT was a success.

I also tried the mystery enzyme injections at Dr Chins in Brisbane. They were very painful, expensive, and did nothing. Maybe it has worked for other people, but in my case no change.

That's about it. I haven't tried any other treatments since then. I get dry skin some times but can still run and rock climb so have stopped seeking a miracle cure.

At the end of the day I realised there is no cure, and each doctor is going to recommend their treatment over another treatment so it's impossible to know who to trust. All I know is that I'm glad I didn't get surgery.



Hi guys,

Just wanted to share some do's and don'ts I've learnt after 2 years with Ledderhose and Dupuytruen.

DO get RT at the first sign of Ledderhose or Dupuytruens. (it is the only known way to stop progression of the disease, and it will progress!)

DON'T travel to Germany just to get RT. (The specialist in Hamburg, Germany is very helpful over email and would probably be happy to talk to your local RT clinic to provide advice on the treatment which is relatively straight forward, published and available to RT therapists all over the world)

DO get gel heel cups for your shoes (custom orthotics are a waste of money, the most important thing is to take the weight off the arch of your foot)

DO get plantar fasciitis compression socks for further arch support (however they do get uncomfortable if you wear them all day, I usually wear them to go jogging)

DO avoid sugar, processed foods, alcohol etc for general health and well being (obviously diet depends on the person but I try to stick to low sugar fruits, gluten free, dairy free and whole foods wherever possible. I can't say whether diet affects the growth of nodules but they are definitely more painful when I don't eat properly or drink a lot of alcohol)

DO try and do a liver cleanse every month to improve your general health (see dr hulda clarks liver cleanse, I can send you my tips for making it more palatable if you're interested)

DON'T get accupuncture for ledderhose or dupuytruens (it's expensive, aggravates the nodules and doesn't solve the underlying cellular problem of collagen overgrowth. I even tried fire needles for a few months which involved inserting red hot needles into the nodules, very painful and no results. The only thing that seemed to provide pain relief was the plantar fasciitis technique which involves needles in the calves to relax the muscles and stop them pulling the plantar fascia so much. After this treatment I had no pain in the nodules but unfortunately it came back the next day. I contacted various accupuncture therapists but none of them could help)

DO stretch you calves daily to take the pressure off your plantar fascia


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