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Disease History of "Morbus Dupuytren" und "Morbus Ledderhose"

including pictures


By Stefan H.


Born 1965 in Uslar, Germany.


1st surgery

Summer 1998 (Dr. Hessabi, now Frau Dr. Hunger-Wenke, obere Karspuele 22, 37073 Göttingen, surgery in Hainbergklinik)

ˇ       full anesthesia

ˇ       right hand 4+5 main joint

ˇ       left foot


2nd surgery

Feb 2002 (Dr. Van Den Boom, Klinik Dr. Boueke, Koenigstr., Hannover)

ˇ       anesthesia into the armpit

ˇ       left hand, 3rd main joint, a little PIP; 4th  main joint stron, PIP; 5th main joint strong.


3rd surgery  

Feb 2003 (Dr. W. Förster, Peinerstr. 2, Hannover, Amb. Surgery Center)

ˇ       anesthesia into the armpit

ˇ       right hand, between 1 & 2; 3rd main joint; 4th main joint; 5th main and PIP;

ˇ       scar correction between 3 and 4.




4th surgery

October 2003 (Dr. Förster)

ˇ       anesthesia into the armpit

ˇ       right hand 5, main & middle.; middle wired inside for 3 weeks

Surgery mainly because  of painful remainders of previous surgery. A small hole in the palm below the 5th finger caused pain every time I rgipped something. Possibly a nerve end that got included in the scar tissue.





5th surgery

26 May 2005 (surgeons: Fr. Dr. Pein, Fr. Dr. Schüler, Ass. Dr. Wagner,

Unfallklinik des Friederikenstifts, Marienstr., Hannover

ˇ       anesthesia into the armpit and elbow.

ˇ       right hand 5, main and PIP, PIP internally wired for 2 weeks, basically the same place as in Oct 2003.

ˇ       The surgery was planned for more fingers but the fifth finger already took 2 hours and there was a limit of how long the hand could be bloodless.






... preparing for further surgeries:

ˇ       right hand: 1st main, 2nd main + PIP (***see pic of 2005.05.25 of 5th surgery***)

ˇ       left hand: 1st main, 2nd main + PIP, 3rd main, 4th main + PIP, 5th all joints.; Tip of 2nd main.





ˇ      both feet

*** no picture of feet ***


Hannover, Germany, Jul 2005