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Essential oils?
04/18/10 22:10
Essential oils?


Thought of something this afternoon while I am dealing with the newly found pain and ache that is associated with LD and DD.

Early last year when I was told that I had tendonitis in my thumbs - I was working in interior design in Encinitas, California. A fellow designer used an essential oil on my thumbs called Pan Away. I can not tell you how within minutes the pain was gone in my thumbs and truthfully - it has never returned until now.

As anyone else ever used this product or a similar oil that reduces pain? I wonder if it would be safe to use on the nodules and such that comes with the disease that we all share?


04/19/10 02:41
Re: Essential oils?

Wow! I assume that Pan is the name of specific essential. Was there a particular brand or distributor? My daughter believes in, uses and distributes essential oils. I'll ask her if she knows anything about Pan.

Keep us posted. They say, "If it's too good to be true, then it isn't true.", but hey, maybe this Forum will hit on something that at least helps.

09/02/11 01:37
Re: Essential oils?

Hi ! I was just diagnosed with Dupuytrens & was searching for a natural way to deal with it. I discovered this forum & Pan Away is an essential oil blend from Young Living Oils. I have used them for the past 12 years - ever since I was diagnosed with Melanoma in 1999. They are the only oils I'll use because of the way they are distilled. Here's the link to their web site:

Hope this helps you.

10/09/11 03:28
Re: Essential oils?


I have been using my own blend of (Young Living) oils for a while now:
Copaiba 3, Frankincense 3, Helichrysum 3, Rose 1, and Wintergreen 5, with the number indicating the number of drops to add to about 20 - 30 drops of good organic vegetable oil.

The blend doesn't quite cure (yet), but the hands like the calming and soothing effect.

Cheers, Dirk

10/09/11 23:36
Re: Essential oils?

Thanks for the info - I'll give this formula a try.

Massaging in ?
How many times per day ?

I've been using just the Helichrysum, 2 times per day, without any result.
I also started the YLO BLM & Sulfurzyme at the same time.

Are you taking anything in the line of supplements, of just the oils ?

I'm always willing to try anything non-invasive.

10/10/11 13:46
Re: Essential oils?

Yes. massaging the oils in. a couple of times a day.
Also taking enzymes and Vit. E.

I am just about running out of patience with
"non" invasive therapy. It has been slowing down the progress,
yet no cure.

Over time (5 years) have probably spent the equivalent of the cost
of a trip to Germany and the RT there.

Am seriously considering RT in Brisbane....


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