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Who has Xiaflex in Colorado?
05/19/10 16:00
05/19/10 16:00
Who has Xiaflex in Colorado?

The following physicians have access to Xiaflex (Collagenase Injection) in Colorado

Eric Britton, MD-Denver
In Yi, MD, Denver
Carlton Clinkscales, MD Denver
Chris Brian, MD Golden
Lewis Oster, MD Denver
Thomas Mordick, MD Denver
Chris Wilson, MD WheatRidge
Morry Olenick, MD Thornton
Mitch Fremling, MD Broomfield
Steven Topper, MD Colorado Springs
Ken Duncan, MD Fort Collins
John Mahon, MD Fort Collins
Steven Seiler, MD Fort Collins
Robert Derkash, MD Glenwood Springs
Doug Huene, MD Delta
Tim Hart, MD Colorado Springs
Michael Wertz, MD Louisville
Tim Pater, MD Longmont
James Reid, MD Louisville
Louis Tartaglia, MD Loveland
Jon Sollender, MD Aurora:


Edited 05/19/10 16:01

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