Honorary Members of the International Dupuytren Society

The International Dupuytren Society is recognizing outstanding research publications through its annual International Dupuytren Award. Besides this important research there are many outstanding contributions to expanding our knowledge of this disease, to spreading information about state of the art treatments, to innovation in managing clinical treatment, and in supporting patients. These activities are eminently important for patients and for further improving the management of Dupuytren disease world-wide. The International Dupuytren Society therefore instituted an Honorary Membership to recognize very high personal contributions. Honorary Members of the International Dupuytren Society are published in this Hall of Fame on our website. Honorary Members are nominated by the Managing Board of the International Dupuytren Society. Nomination is not an annual process, Honorary Members are nominated as it applies, there might be several in one year and none in another.

Hall of Fame


The International Dupuytren Society is proud having as Honorary Members:




Prof. David Warwick, The Hand Clinic, Southampton, UK. We specifically honour his contributions to the treatment of Dupuytren Disease, his sharing of his clinical experience in many conferences and functions, and the organization of an extensive two day FESSH Instructional Course on Dupuytren Disease in Milan, Italy, in 2015, and the later editing of the related book.





Prof. Paul Werker, Chair of the Department of Plastic Surgery of the University Medical Centre Groningen, The Netherlands. We specifically honour his continuous interest in researching Dupuytren Disease and its treatment, taking the lead in hosting of the International Dupuytren Conference 2015 in Groningen, editing of several books on Dupuytren Disease, and his ongoing support of the Dutch Dupuytren Society.


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