Other therapies for Dupuytren's contracture and Ledderhose disease

A variety of other therapies exist for Dupuytren's disease (including Ledderhose and Peyronie). Our web site overall focuses on surgery, NA, collagenase injection, and radiation therapy, because those are the ones where we have seen the most evidence and scientific proof of their effectiveness. That does not mean that other therapies won't work; we may just not have heard of them or their efficiency has not yet been documented sufficiently. We encourage everyone who has successfully applied other Dupuytren therapies to communicate those in our forum or to send us an email describing therapy and results. If you have sound statistics to show, those are more than welcome!

The fact that we mention a treatment here does not mean that it is necessarily a good one (we may have little or no experience with it). Nor does the fact that we don't mention a treatment necessarily mean that it does not help. We are trying to give an overview and provide some useful links. To facilitate reading we have introduced three categories using our own (possibly wrong) judgment.

Therapies with already some clinical experience

This category includes below therapies that are each described on an individual web page.

Steroid injection


Additional therapy categories

Therapies that are still experimental or are being researched

Therapies with possibly less benefit

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