The International Dupuytren Society is funded entirely through donations from patients, either directly or through associated country organizations. To be fully independent we do not host or receive funding from advertising or support from commercial companies.

As a non-profit organization we are legally bound to spend our money only on information and research regarding Dupuytren's and related diseases. Though we get a lot of support from (unpaid) volunteers, we do need money to fund this web site, research projects, publications, and future International Symposiums on Dupuytren's Disease. Therefore to continue our work

Donations are extremely welcome!

Donating via Paypal

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US citizens, UK citizens, and German citizens please donate to your country organization (see below). You country organization can provide your with a tax receipt.

Sending a check
You can donate by sending a (personal or bank) cheque (check) to our address. This check can be an ordinary, hand-written check in any currency.

Tranferring your donation electronically

You can transfer your donation electronically from your bank account to our bank. This method offers specifically low bank charges within the Euro zone. Our bank account is

International Dupuytren Society
account no.  8886024
Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Rosenheim-Chiemsee, Germany
IBAN   DE65 7116 0000 0008 8860 24

Thank you for your donation!

Please provide us with your postal address if you need a receipt for your donation. German tax authorities accept our receipts, other countries usually don't. Countries usually only give tax relief to charitable donations to organizations in their own country.


Donations from US, UK and German citizens
The International Dupuytren Society, the US based Dupuytren Research Group, the British Dupuytren's Society and the Deutsche Dupuytren-Gesellschaft are sharing the same goals and objectives. These organizations are closely cooperating, we are brothers in arms (or hands, rather). All organizations are non-profit organization registered in their country and can issue tax receipts for the country they are registered in.

Please support your country organization, specifically when requiring a tax receipt.

US citizens please donate to the Dupuytren Research Group

UK citizens please donate to the British Dupuytren's Society

German citizens please donate to the Deutsche Dupuytren-Gesellschaft.


Dr. Charles Eaton (right) and Dr. Wolfgang Wach (left)

Wolfgang Wach of International Dupuytren Society (left) and Charles Eaton of Dupuytren Research Group

teaming to fight Dupuytren's disease.


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