Publications of research results on the Internet

If you have scientific results regarding therapies or root causes of Morbus Dupuytren or related diseases and want to publish them, e.g. as an abstract, on our web site, please contact

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to publish it but you can rest assured that we are very interested in your results and will publish them if we feel they are of interest to patients and/or doctors.

Funding of research

Due to German regulations we can only fund research at German institutions, at least for the time being. If you work at a German research project and require funding, please visit our German web site

Not a general alternative but an example of great spirit is the brave endeavour of British plastic surgeon trainees of Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital. Supported by Head of Plastic Surgery Hank Giele, they set out to raise 3,000 GBP of funds for their research into skin cancer, genetics and hand surgery by swimming the Channel in September 2010! See also Oxford_Mail.

Team of British surgeons who swam the Channel for funding Dupuytren's research.

The members of the intrepid team crossing the Channel to fund Dupuytren's research on 18 September 2010 were Greg Thomas, Marc Swan, Sally Jay, Paul Stephens, Henk Giele (in the front), Paul Poynter-Smith, Bill Townley, and Sophie Dann. Congratulations from Dupuytren Society to this brave team!

(picture provided by Henk Giele)



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