The International Dupuytren Symposium

Next conference on Dupuytren Disease

We very much hope that the covid pandemia will soon reduce to a level that allows normal face to face conferences. The next conference location and schedule will then be announced.

Previous conferences on Dupuytren Disease

The International Dupuytren Society and the Dupuyten Research Group (formerly the Dupuytren Foundation) jointly hosted international symposia on research and clinical treatment of Dupuytren disease and Ledderhose disease.


The conference, originally planned for 2020, was postponed due to covid-19 and started in September 2021 as a virtual symposium. It was organized as a series of 6 webinars, distributed over 3 months. The symposium was organized jointly with the University of Oxford, UK. Key notes, presentations, and disussions were video taped and are available on the conference website


Live conferences were held in


2015, 22/23 May Groningen, The Netherlands conference_program
2010, 22/23 May Miami, USA conference_program


Details of both conferences are available on These include the conference program, abstracts and videos of the presentations (see above links).

Results of the Groningen conference have been published as book and ebook

Results of the Miami conference have been published as book and ebook

C Eaton, MH Seegenschmiedt, A Bayat, G Gabbiani, P Werker, W Wach "Dupuytren’s Disease and Related Hyperproliferative Disorders" Springer, 2012. ISBN 978-3-642-22696-0, read_online.

Impression from the 2010 conference in Miami, Florida, USA:

Hands with bent fingers in front of the conference hotel in Miami



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