Starting or adding a new country organization

The International Dupuytren Society is an umbrella organization for non-profit country organizations that focus on Dupuytren's disease and/or Ledderhose disease. We support country organizations, represent Dupuytren patients in international organizations like IAPO, and organize events like the International Dupuytren Symposium and the International Dupuytren Award.

If you want to start a country organization the Dupuytren Society can offer

- advice and support

- information material

- access to research results, resreachers, and the International Dupuytren Symposium

- software and software support for creating a virtual forum

- web hosting

- initial funding

- endorsement, includiing the use of our logo.


Please contact


to discuss how we can best support you.


Also, if you are representing an already existing country organization we invite you to cooperate with the International Dupuytren Society. Please contact us at the above email address to find ways to cooperate in raising awareness of this disease and improving service to patients.



Page last modified: 12/14/2016