Privacy protection

Information that you provide to Dupuytren Society and that you declare confidential will be treated fully confidential. Dupuytren Society honors or exceeds the legal requirements for medical/health information privacy set by German or US law.

When you register in our Forum we will be only storing your user name together with your email address. This information will be kept strictly confidential and can only be accessed by the Forum administrator. Your email address is not visible to other users and will be used by Dupuytren Society only for mailing you your password, for notifying you of new Private Messages, and for sending you the (optional) forum newsletter. You can remove yourself from the newsletter distribution by disabling it in "My Profile" ( The forum may use cookies to facilitate your login process.Your login or access to the forum is automatically recorded for (anonymous) forum statistics. Your user name may be displayed when your are using the forum.

Posts in our forum are public and visible for any user, including not registered users. To avoid harvesting we recommend to not include your email address in your forum posts or to make it at least not computer readable.

By using our forum you agree to publication of your posts and their storage. By registering you agree to storing your user data and to using them as described above.

Dupuytren Society does not provide your email address, name or medical data to other organizations, companies, physicians, or private persons without your prior agreement.

Dupuytren e.V. is funded entirely through donations from patients and German health insurance companies, the latter as part of the "German support for patients groups". We do not host or receive funding from advertising.


Page last modified: 12/14/2016