The International Dupuytren Award

The International Dupuytren Award recognizes exceptional scientific publications on research or clinical treatment of Dupuytren and/or Ledderhose disease. Research can be about treatment, epidemiology, pathogenesis, genomics, or other areas, like anatomy, improving the understanding and treatment of these diseases.

The Award carries a monetary prize of 1,000 EUR. The International Dupuytren Award 2014 is financially kindly supported by Pfizer.

Who can participate?

The publication must be an original research paper that has been published in a peer reviewed journal or book and that has not yet been awarded elsewhere. The Award will normally be given to the leading (first) author but, upon request, the prize money can be split. Applicants can be physicians or scientists. Please submit only one paper per leading author, not several. We recommend to submit the paper that you consider presenting the most outstanding new research or clinical aspects.

Who will elect the winner?

The winner will be selected by the Scientific Advisory Board and the Management Board of the International Dupuytren Society. The winner will be announced at the annual members' assembly of the Dupuytren Society or at another event selected by the Scientific Advisory Board. The International Dupuytren Award will be awarded annually but the Scientific Advisory Board may wave the Award for specific years if the submitted publications do not meet the criteria.

Deadline for submission

The award in a specific year is given for a paper that was published in the previous year. For example the Dupuytren Award 2010 was given for a publication of 2009.

Please submit applications for the 2017 Award (i.e. your paper published in 2016) latest by 12 March 2017, including

  • the submitted paper or at least its abstract should be in English. For submission in other languages please provide us with a translation.

  • curriculum vitae of the author(s). Usually the CV of the first author is sufficient but if you intend to split the award, please submit CVs of all related authors.

Where to submit your application?

Please email your application to  

dupuytren_award /at / dupuytren-online . info  (please adjust this email address).

And the winners are ...

International Dupuytren Award 2016

For Basic Research:

Latha Satish, winner of the 2016 Dupuytren Award (Clinical Research)

Latha Satish, PhD

of the Department of Plastic Surgery, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA




Latha Satish et al.


"Developing an animal model of Dupuytren’s disease by orthotopic transplantation of human fibroblasts into athymic rat"


BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders (2015) 16:138 full_paper

For Clinical Research:

Peter Scherman, Dupuytren Award 2016 (Clinical Research) Per Jenmalm, Dupuytren Award 2016 (Clinical Research) Lars Dahlin, Dupuytren Award 2016 (Clinical Research)
           Peter Scherman1           Per Jenmalm2             Lars Dahlin1

1 Department of Translational Medicine – Hand Surgery, Lund University, Lund, Sweden

2 Department of Hand & Plastic Surgery, Norrlands University Hospital, Umeå, Sweden


Peter Scherman, Per Jenmalm, Lars Dahlin

"One-year results of needle fasciotomy and collagenase injection in treatment of Dupuytren’s contracture: A two-centre prospective randomized clinical trial"

JHS (E) 2015 Dec 1. pii: 1753193415617385 abstract


International Dupuytren Award 2014


Clayton A Peimer, MD

of the College of Human Medicine,

Michigan State University, Marquette, USA,



Clayton A Peimer et al.


"Dupuytren Contracture Recurrence Following Treatment with Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum (CORDLESS Study):

3-Year Data"


J Hand Surg Am 38 (2013) 12-22 abstract


International Dupuytren Award 2013

The Award was presented on 15 March 2013 at the Dupuytren's Summit in Vienna. The winners of the 2013 International Dupuytren Award are

For Clinical Research: Annet van Rijssen, PhD

of the University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands, for

Annet van Rijssen et al.

"Five-Year Results of a Randomized Clinical Trial on Treatment in Dupuytren’s Disease: Percutaneous Needle Fasciotomy versus Limited Fasciectomy"

Plast Reconstr Surg. 2012 Feb;129(2):469-77

Annet van Rijssen, winner of the 2013 Dupuytren award for Clinical Research Prof. Paul Werker, co-author, receiving the 2013 Dupuytren Award for Clinical Research at the Dupuytren's Summit in Vienna

Annet van Rijssen, MD PhD, winner

of the 2013 Int. Dupuytren Award

Prof. Paul Werker, co-author, receiving the International Dupuytren Award for Clinical Research at the Vienna Dupuytren's Summit.


For Basic Research: Syed A Iqbal and Christopher Manning (together)

of the Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom, for

SA Iqbal and Ch. Manning et al.

"Identification of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Perinodular Fat and Skin in Dupuytren’s Disease: A Potential Source of Myofibroblasts with Implications for Pathogenesis and Therapy"

Stem Cells Dev. 2012 Mar 1;21(4):609-22

Christopher Manning, MD PhD, with his 2013 Dupuytren Award

Prof. Ardeshir Bayat, co-author, receiving the International Dupuytren Award for Basic Research at the Vienna Dupuytren's Summit.


International Dupuytren Award 2012

The Award 2012 was presented at the Symposium "New Frontiers in Dupuytren Disease" (Leuven University, Belgium, 31 March 2012). The winner is

Dr. Guido Dolmans

of the University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands, for his paper Guido Dolmans et al.

"Wnt Signaling and Dupuytren’s Disease"

N Engl J Med 365 (2011) 307-317

Guido Dolmans (center) receiving the Dupuytren award 2012. The award is presented by Dr. Wolfgang Wach (left) and Dr. Charles Eaton (right), both chairmen of the International Dupuytren Society.


International Dupuytren Award 2011

In 2011 the the Award was given in two categories, for Clinical Research and for Basic Research. It was presented to the winners on 5 November 2011 at the Dupuytren's Summit in London. The winners of the 2011 International Dupuytren award are

For Clinical Research: Oliver Donaldson

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, Bristol, UK

for O.W. Donaldson et al. “The association between intraoperative correction of Dupuytren's disease and residual postoperative contractureThe Journal of Hand Surgery (European Volume, 2010) 35E: 3: 220–223

International Dupuytren Award 2011: Oliver Donaldson receives the Award in the category Clinical Research

Oliver Donaldson (center) receives the Dupuytren Award 2011 for Clinical Research. The award is presented

by Prof. Heinrich Seegenschmiedt (left) and Prof. Bert Reichert (right).

For Basic Research: Neda Mosakhani and Mohamed Guled (together)

University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Central Hospital, Helsinki, Finland

for Neda Mosakhani et al. “Unique microRNA profile in Dupuytren’s contracture supports deregulation of b-catenin pathwayModern Pathology (2010) 23, 1544–1552

International Dupuytren Award 2011: Minna Forsman and Jorma Ryhänen receive the Award for Basic Research on behalf of Neda Mosakhani and Mohamed Guled

On behalf of the two winners two members of the research team, Dr. Minna Forsman and Prof. Jorma Ryhänen, are receiving the International Dupuytren Award for Basic Research

from Prof. Heinrich Seegenschmiedt (left) and Prof. Bert Reichert (right)


International Dupuytren Award 2010

The Award 2010 was presented at the Annual Conference of German Hand Surgeons (DGH_2010). The winner is

Prof. Ilse Degreef

of the Katholicke Universiteit Leuven for her doctoral thesis

"Therapy-resisting Dupuytren's disease - new perspectives in adjuvant treatment"

Presentation of the International Dupuytren Award 2010 to Prof. Ilse Degreef at the DGH conference in Nuremberg

The International Dupuytren Award is presented to Prof. Ilse Degreef by Wolfgang Wach of the

Dupuytren Society at the 2010 annual meeting of the German hand surgeons (DGH 2010)


The 2010 International Dupuytren Award is going to Prof. Ilse Degreef

The 2010 International Dupuytren Award

Ilse Degreef lecturing on treatment of Dupuytren's disease at DGH 2010

Prof. Degreef speaking at DGH 2010 on treatment of Dupuytren's disease


A video of Prof. Degreef's presentation at DGH 2010, summarizing results of her thesis, is on



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