The International Dupuytren Society - what we do

Our Mission: Support patients and promote research, education and global cooperation to find a cure for Dupuytren Disease and related conditions.

The International Dupuytren Society is a non-profit organization where patients and medical experts from all involved faculties cooperate. Our goals are

  • informing about Dupuytren's Disease and Ledderhose Disease and about available therapy options
  • supporting research across medical faculties to better understand this disease, to improve therapy options and to ultimately find a cure
  • supporting patients who suffer from this disease
  • supporting local country organizations with similar or compatible goals.

We provide a platform for research institutions and hospitals to inform about new research results. We are supporting research, organize conferences and recognize excellent research with the International Dupuytren Award.

We further inform on the specific benefits and drawbacks of available therapies to facilitate the right choice of therapy. We want to encourage the dialogue between medical faculties to understand all options and provide each patient with the best advice.

While we will only publish medical results where we believe that there is sufficient scientific proof, we also believe that the free exchange of the personal experiences of patients is a powerful means for patients in dealing with this disease. We therefore also provide a forum to discuss living with Dupuytren's and experience with therapies.

The International Dupuytren Society acts as an umbrella for country organizations, supports these organizations and supports and represents patients in countries where there is no such country organization. Our members are patients, physicians, or non-profit country organizations representing Dupuytren's patients. Institutions or companies with a commercial interest in treating Dupuytren's cannot become members if the International Dupuytren Society. Our book keeping and non-profit status are regularly reviewed by the German finance authorities. We are independent, are funded by donations only and not by any medical companies or hospitals, and we have no conflict of interest (the only exception being the International Dupuytren Award in 2013/2014). The headquarter of the International Dupuytren Society is based in Germany.


What we don't do

The International Dupuytren Society is not promoting a specific treatment. We rather try to present as objectively as possible evidence based treatment options and leave it to the patient and his treating doctor to take an informed decision which option is the best for the specific situation.

The International Dupuytren Society cannot give medical advice to individual patients. Please consult with your doctor/physician to decide on the best therapy suitable for you. You are also invited and more than welcome to place questions or comments in our forum (that's what it is for), maybe you can benefit from the experience of other patients.



The International Dupuytren Society would like to thank all patients, medical doctors, and everyone else who has been supporting our work with comments, donations, a tremendous amount of energy and without payment. Many medical doctors are providing us with publications and other documents, many hints also are emerging from forums.

Currently we are also being supported by the following organizations

  • Constantin Fahl (forum software)
  • EDV Consulting Dietl, (web site ranking, server)
  • GSF - Forschungszentrum für Umwelt und Gesundheit GmbH (Center for Environmental and Health Research), now Helmholtzzentrum München, (calculation of radiation risk).


Specifically we would like to thank all those who support our daily work:

  • Judith Proctor, Corfe Mullen - web site ranking and honing the English
  • Gary Mahagan, Dallas        – honing the English of our web site
  • Selwyn Foreman, London    - honing the English of our web site.


Management Board of the International Dupuytren Society

1st Chairman: Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Wach, Munich, Germany (Wolfgang Wach is a patient)

2nd Chairman: Charles Eaton, MD, Jupiter, Florida, USA

3rd Chairman: Prof. Heinrich Seegenschmiedt, Hamburg, Germany

Treasurer: Brigitte Kaltenbach

Secretary and PR: Claudia Fenster-Waterloo


Scientific Advisory Board  (= link)


Press contact

Claudia Fenster-Waterloo

c/o German editors

Hammerschmiedstr. 8a

86989 Steingaden


Tel. and Fax: +49 / 8862 / 932430

mail /at/ german-editors . de (please modify this email address according to standard format).


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