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Dupuytrens Ledderhouse and frozen shoulder connection?
03/29/08 18:50
Dupuytrens Ledderhouse and frozen shoulder connection?

I first had surgery for a nodule attached to the tendon in my left foot several years ago. The tumor was about 1" or so in size, living in the arch of my foot. Benign, diagnosis was Dupuytrens. The podiatrist that did the surgury made a stitch in my foot for the muscle and then sewed up the skin. It didn't heal properly and I returned to the same practice where the younger podiatrist reopened the site, repaired, and resewed the whole thing. Seems to be ok now.
Next was the frozen shoulder that was diagnosed as bursitis. I had a corticosteroid shot and physical therapy.
Next I noticed some nodules in my palms, both hands. There is some dimpling. When I went to see my mother last spring, I noticed that she had Dupuytrens contracture on both hands and the cords were quite pronounced. Her doctor told her that only surgery would help, but she opted to live with it.
My question is: are these three things related? If so, how? What method of treatment, or where can I go for more information?

Thanks, Crispy

03/30/08 01:40

Re: Dupuytrens Ledderhouse and frozen shoulder connection?

Australia Calling.
Have you looked at the Dupuytren's Society web pages to gain an insight into these points?
http://www.dupuytren-online.info Radiotherapy may be an option.
Regards from down under.

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