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01/23/13 18:36

hi all

i have dd in both hands and had one operated on in october 2012. i await treatment on the other hand soon hopefully a less invasive type.

yesterday i had steroid (cortisone) injections in both feet for ledderhose disease. i have read on this forum and elsewhere about pain following this procedure. for me there has been no pain and i have taken no pain killers. the injection was given 24 hours ago under general anaesthetic and local anaesthetic. this morning i cycled to the gym and worked out for an hour cycling and on a cross trainer so using my feet. this weekend i'm going mountaineering in the lake district such is my confidence.

the point i'm trying to make is is that steroid (cortisone) injections are not painful afterwards for everyone and also i have a low pain threshold. i went to the the hospital with quite a lot of trepidation which wasn't warranted. maybe i was lucky or maybe the people who have suffered pain are unlucky - either way pain post injection is not guaranteed.

now to see how the cortisone affects the lumps!


02/01/13 14:13
Re: cortisone

no dramas so far after a weekend of mountain walking in the lake district in sub zero temperatures wearing crampons for up to 12 hours

next week a rather more hostile environment of winter climbing in scotland

not sure if the lumps have reduced but the tenderness has

on the way to scotland i'll be seeing a consultant re: my unoperated dd hand

all in all the nhs are delivering a fantastic service - thanks to all the staff who have helped me so far

hey people keep positive

02/01/13 17:01
Re: cortisone


I just read your post and was very encouraged. I enjoy hiking and biking but I am apprehensive to do too much in case I worsen the condition. Have your doctors said anything about excessive exercise? Does it help or hinder?


02/02/13 06:03
Re: cortisone

Pleasing to read your early success with the injection John.......let's hope it continues........I would be interested to know the extent of LD......size of nodules, number of cords etc


02/04/13 19:16
Re: cortisone

hi elin

my 'foot' consultant has not warned me against heading into the hills (he's aware of my hobby which is very hard on the feet - crampons sub zero temperatures etc)

so far so good post cortisone

the newer more tender nodule appears to have gone - the older non painful nodule remains

i go back to the consultant 28 feb

its early days but it was certainly the correct route to take - in my case. admittedly i had general anaesthetic which helped!

hi gary

the nodules were/are about 1cm x 1.5cm as measured by the consultant

as stated above one thus far seems to have dissolved (just hope it doesn't return)

tuesday a consultation re: my other un-operated hand will be seen in respect of treatment

got to keep positive and with luck my future posts will be



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