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Social Security Disability ???
11/17/10 19:05

Social Security Disability ???

Has anyone tried or succeeded in recieving this for our disease when nothing is working not injections, not radiation, and not surgery??? Please if someone has gone through this and been approved or disapproved let me know your information Thanks..

11/17/10 23:09


Re: Social Security Disability ???

What country are you in?

07/13/12 01:46
Re: Social Security Disability ???


I have been on SSI & SSD for 4 years now after losing my job as a professional Landscaper. I have both DD & LD amongst many other health problems including spinal (Neck & Back). I applied for Social Security, and won my case 1st time out, but I had a pit-bull Lawyer and lots of medical proof of all my health problems. I do know that you CAN get SSI & SSD with this disease as it limits what you can do, not to mention "Daily Activities" as they call it. I would suggest that 1st: get a good lawyer, and 2nd, build up your medical proof as it is VERY IMPORTANT for winning your case. Be prepared to answer all the judges questions and do not let them intimidate you. I had a female judge and I PUT her in her place when she angered me. I won with flying colors and payment came almost immediately after I had won my case. The most important though is the GOOD lawyer and plenty of medical/Documented PROOF of your Disability. The more prepared you are, the better off you will be, trust me, I've been down that road. Don't give up if you don't succeed the 1st time, be strong and fight for your RIGHT. The ones who get rejected, are the people who are NOT prepared before they present their case, therefore, they lose!....It's like studying for a test in school, the more prepared you are, the greater the chance you pass the 1st time, and it is NO different regarding Social Security. I want to give you my Email....feel free to contact me with ANY questions regarding applying for Benefits, as I will be able to help you and answer any questions you may have. Good luck & best wishes, Metzie.

Here's my email: townkevin59@gmail.com

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