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Name: Pat Stockett Johnston
Birthday: 31. March 1941 (83)
Gender: female
Location: 91780 Temple City CA
Country: USA
I was diagnosed with Dupuytren's in my right hand last week. The hand-specialist board-certified orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed it only does surgery for Dupuytren's and told me to find someone else to treat it. Another hand-specialist board-certified orthopedic surgeon told me I probably had Dupuytren's, but to come back in a month and he'd have another look.

So finding doctors who treat Dupuytren's at the beginning stages has been a challenge, even though I live in the Los Angeles area with its population of 11 million. I finally Googled "Dupuytren's studies in California." Three names within thirty minutes of my house popped up. I now have an appointment with Dr. Raymond Raven, a hand & upper extremity specialist at Raven Orthopedics, Inc. in Burbank, CA. However, I am having to wait a month for my first appointment.
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