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Name: Prof. Dr. med. M. Heinrich Seegenschmiedt
Birthday: 10. June 1955 (69)
Gender: male
Location: 45130 Essen
Country: Deutschland
Dear Patients & Dear Colleagues

NEW OPTION. VIDEO CONSULTATION possible since 1st April 2020

ORONA has taught all of us many lessons about how important b]COMMUNICATION[/b] and EXCHANGE of WORDS & SENTIMENTS are under normal life conditions, but even more so under special disabled or malfunctional conditions of medical specific disorders like DUPUYTREN & LEDDERHOSE DISEASE.

However, not everybody but only a few will develop the rapidly progressing aggressive form of the disease. Most of them will never ever require any treatment throughout their whole life. Thus, careful guidance and appropiate exchange of facts and true experiences can help to overcome the first "diagnostic shock" status.

Thus, I have invested over many years (almost 3 decades) in RESEARCH and CLINICAL PRACTICE to evaluate patients with regard to the use of careful PALPATORY up to only VISUAL EXAMINATION under special testing conditions. Thereby the stage of the DD & LD disease, the anatomic precise distribution of nodules & cords, the active functional status of the extremities (hand palms & foot soles) and typical zones of SYMPTOMS (like burning & itching sensations) and/or PAIN are thoroughly examined & defined.

If necessary, after 3, 6 or 12 months FOLLOW-UP CONSULTATIONS can be performed to assess the DD & LD and finally reach a firm conclusion whether to "Watch & Wait" or "TREAT" ....either with noninvasive methods ( = medical drugs, needle fasciotomy ) or invasive methods like limited or wide fasciectomy ..... ore even more.

I still persue a scientific approach to treating patients with DD & LD and other benign conditions. I guarantee that I will invest all my clinical experience to provide affected patients with profound consultation, careful physical examination and up-to-date information, especially on radiotherapy treatment concepts.

On weekends (Saturdays) I will personally be additionally active together with my well-experienced Ccolleague Dr. med. Sedat Yilmam in my hometown in Essen (NRW).

Radiologie am Stern, Bertoldstrasse 1 - 3, 45130 Essen (Germany)
Telefon: +49.201.7998690 / Fax: +49.201.773429
E-mail: info@radiologie-am-stern.de / Web Side: www.radiologie-am-stern.de

Potential candidates and patients may send a short request for appointment with a brief history of the disease and representative photographs of the affected hand palm(s) or foot sole(s) to the following E-mail address:

I will be available for ALL forum members for specific radiotherapy requests and ongoing research questions. I also encourage interested medical doctors to pose their questions.

Hope to serve You ALL well in the near future. Prof. Dr. med. M. Heinrich Seegenschmiedt

PS: Separate Post to reach the Radiation Therapy Practice Radiologie am Stern in Essen (Germany)
Home page http://www.radiologie-am-stern.de/ueber-uns/
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05/19/2022 10:32 Prof.Seegenschmiedt 

Rüttenscheider Strasse 191, 45131 Essen ( Germany)
Telefon: +49 (0) 201 799 86 90 // Fax: +49 (0) 201 779 86 999 // https://ruhrradiologie-essen.de/essen-rue191/
E-mail: praxis@ruhrradiologie-essen.de
Tel: +49.201.7998690 / Fax: +49.201.773429