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Name: Stephen Jeffrey
Gender: male
Location: SO197AX Southampton, Hampshire
Country: UK
Researching Dupuytrens contracure due to recent successfull outcomes with 2 clients.

These clients were already having Deep tissue massage combined with triggerpoint therapy for other conditions when by chance it came up in conversation (both having a hereditory link).

They were in the early stages of contracture, the worst of the 2 clients is a dentist who's GP had warned against surgical intervention as the contracture was not yet interfering with his work.
After some months of research on my part with fellow therapists in the USA and Canada, and again asking my client to do his own research and check in with his GP for approval we made the combined decision to treat the contracture, a 4 inch long thick cord with 2 pea sized knotts and only approx 20 degrees of contrature. I used the same standard techniques I have used (14yrs) to release scar tissue and triggerpoints (contracted tissue).
The treatment began back in April 2011 and both clients have responded quickly (3 treatments 20 mins duration) and have consistantly kept these favourable (yet early) results.
These results are so good I am seeking more clients with this condition so as to gain further experience and begin organising independant assessment of my work.
I simply dont want to wait for further "chance encounters" with sufferers who have so much to gain from treatment.

1/1/13 update.The two clients above continue to maintain complete control over their condition.

From Nov 2012 I have a new client. She presented with a 70 degree contracture of her right Pinky PiP joint that had previously been contracting at an estimated 6 degrees per month since Nov 2011. After the first treatment the contraction stopped increasing and the palmer and digit skin softened. A futher 5 treatments has seen an almost complete normalization of the involved tissues.
Initially the involved PiP joint was inflamed (red and sore ) so stretching of the digit was stopped to allow recovery. Now that the joint has recovered stretching will be resumed in January and feb 2013 to further reduce the angle now 60 degrees.

1/9/13 update. I now have 7 Dupuytren's clients who's nodules have reseeded and cords have stopped contracting.

Stephen Jeffrey LCSP registered remedial massage therapist. since 1997
I am here to learn as much as possible so I am best equipped to help as effectively as possible with Dupuytrens.
I have been posting on healthypages forum since 2003
Thankyou for reading this :)
Home page https://www.southamptonmassagetherapy.co.uk/dupuytrens-contracture
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